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Dr. Christophe HAUSSWIRTH, PhD.

CEO and Founder

During his 20 years at INSEP as a researcher and Director of the Research Department, and with six Olympic Games under his belt, Christophe HAUSSWIRTH has developed expertise in high-level sports which he now leverages in beScored Institute. In parallel, Christophe Hausswirth has authored 7 reference books including Improving Recovery in Sports and Nutrition and Performance in Sports. He also has an extensive list of over 150 scientific publications in high-impact specialized journals. He has written 18 book chapters by invitation and has also spoken at nearly 180 conferences and seminars in France and internationally on physiology and sports training, as well as on individual health and well-being. Additionally, he is currently a researcher and associate member at LAMHESS (Université Côte d&apsos;Azur) and a Professor at the University of Technology Sydney (UTS).

Dr. Geoffrey MILLOUR, PhD.


Dr. Alexandre COSTE, PhD

Research Project Manager

Dr. Jacques GUENERON, MD.


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Recognized for their skills, in France and internationally.

  • Dr. Cyril SCHMIT, PhD.

    Psycho-physiologist scientist

  • Dr. François DUFOREZ, MD.

    Clinical sleep physician

  • Dr. Anis ALOULOU, PhD.

    Sports and sleep scientist

  • Prof. Damien Léger, PU-PH.

    Sleep physician

  • Prof. CY. Guezennec, MD., PhD.

    Physician, Professor of Physiology

  • Prof. AX. BIGARD, MD., PhD.

    Physician, Professor of Val-de-Grâce

  • Dr. Vincent RAIMONDI, MD., PhD.

    Biologist physician

  • Dr. Eve TIOLLIER, PhD.

    Sports nutritionist


    Trainer and physical preparer

  • Dr. Edith PERREAUT-PIERRE, MD., PhD.

    Sports physician and mental preparation