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Scientific activities and expertise

beScored positions itself at the heart
of human performance factors

The expertise and research programs conducted by beScored, ranging from device validation to equipment utilization, are aimed at companies interested in observing their real-world applications in the fields of sports, wellness, and health.

Health expertise
Collaboration with : JOHNSON & JOHNSON
Main objective :To measure the fatigue levels of orthopedic surgeons using automated or conventional devices.
Achievements :Cognitive and physical fatigue are reduced by the use of an automated system in hip arthroplasty.
Wellness expertise
Collaboration with : LPG Medical
Main objective :To propose a care program that improves sleep quality, reduces stress, and boosts immune defenses.
Achievements :At the end of a 10-session program, participants experience less fragmented sleep and remain more immobile during sleep. Stress is reduced, and vitality is increased in the experimental group compared to the Placebo group.
Sport expertise
Collaboration with : INFRACAB’IN
Main objective :To promote an improvement in sports recovery through the regular use of a state-of-the-art infrared device.
Achievements :At the end of an exercise generating strong muscle soreness, strength and relaxation parameters are less affected when athletes undergo daily recovery in infrared sauna.
Corporate expertise
Collaboration with : CERBALLIANCE
Main objective :To implement a mental health assessment in the company to target areas for improvement.
Achievements :Mental fatigue is one of the most relevant parameters to consider for the well-being of employees in a company. We are now able to provide an objective score to this often subjective concept.

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